More Than 50 Years of
Hedef Grup continues to be the leader in the sector and grow every day with various business
partners in sales and distribution of food, cleaning and cosmetic products with 20,000 domestic
locations in the service network, 35,000m² warehouse area, more than 200 vehicle capacity and more than 400 employees.

Leader Sales and Distribution Company

Advanced Experience
With more than 50 years of experience, our large distribution systems volume, manufacturing power, potential and dynamism, we are one of the leading institutions in our sector.
We are one of the companies that established the first professional distribution system in Turkey. We are constantly expanding and strengthening our service network. Continuous growth and development are our main principles.

Dynamic Shipment

Well-Planned Storage System
With the warehouse automation system, we can plan warehouses based on optimum efficiency and plan dynamic shipment based on live traffic data.
We continue to offer our service and grow with our 23,300m² warehouse area and more than 200 vehicle capacity.

Strong Fleet

High Technology
We can easily access to all regions we offer our service with our strong fleet.
As Hedef Grup , we aim for constant development with our advanced technological infrastructure, strong supply chain management and automation systems. We are offering uninterrupted service with 35.000m2 warehouse, 2800 products, 430 employees and 210 vehicles to 20,000 locations.

We Value Our Employees

We know that our employees are the guarantees of our future and objectives.

We Listen to Our Employees

We consult to ideas and views of our employees in all our projects.

We Provide Motivation

We provide an environment where our employees can work best and find meaning in their work.

We Ensure High Employment

We ensure high employment to greatly contribute to our country in terms of economy and social life.

We Offer Career Opportunities

We are providing an environment open for learning to all our employees and we offer career opportunities they can advance.

We Value Our Employees

View Career Options
As Hedef Grup , we are selecting candidates who will constantly develop, contribute our development and grow with us and we believe growing together. We know that our most valuable resource is humans and we are allocating sources for self-improvement of our employees.
If you want to join Hedef Grup team, view our currently open positions:

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