General Manager
When I look back at our 50 years of commercial history, I can
clearly see what we have achieved today.
In our digital transformation process that we have started 3 years ago with
our digitalisation vision, we have migrated all our infrastructure to a cloud
system and we build infrastructure and system that has automation, smart
algorithms, mobile business applications and big data analysis. Today,
with our advanced technological infrastructure, strong supply chain
management and automation systems, we are offering continuous
services in our 35,000m2 warehouse, 2,800 products, 430
employees and 210 vehicles to 20,000 locations.
I want to emphasise that we are honoured to share our proud in ourselves
with all our business partners and customers. As Hedef Grup Co. we are
working with leading local and foreign business partners in their sectors.
Our purpose is to deliver products entrusted to us by our manufacturers to
maximum number of locations, in the fastest way possible and with the
most appropriate costs based on their strategies.
Additionally, we ensure the best possible exhibition in related locations
and we consider targeted numerical distribution and market share as the
main focus of our work. Our strategy is to offer the best service in our
portfolio in Turkey and especially in Marmara region as well as increase
our turnover and location number by offering services to companies with
similar size. It is our duty to increase the number of our employees and to
contribute to local economy, employment rates, tax and social
responsivity projects.
We are aware that we have important responsibilities with Local Chains as
our other business partner and to other locations. We are constantly
working to ship their orders on-time, compare order content and improve
these processes.
If we talk about Hedef Grup Co. organisation structure, I can say that we
have a highly experienced and trained team. Our company that invests to
in-house human resources seasonally recruits international or managers
with local manufacturing experience to develop and combine different
cultures. With our constant growth and development principles
Hedef Grup will continue to consider this mission to utilise development
and transformation opportunities.