Our High-Quality Approach

With the power and knowledge from deep-rooted past of Hedef Grup Co.,
our company walks in the path of perfection with one slogan and
innovative, modern and success-oriented work approach. 360 Degrees
We are applying quality not only in certain parts of our process but as
“360 Degrees” approach at every stage of our activities as the part of
our corporate, sectoral and domestic development responsibility.
Our company that accepts quality as a lifestyle analysis and monitors all
functions with process management, adopts “constant improvement”
principles and aims for maximum “customer satisfaction”.
In our way to achieving Total Quality Management to create value for all
our customers and shareholders with minimum errors and maximum
efficiency, we are trying to be “the best” and award our system with
related documentations in our steps with EFQM perfection model.

  • Constantly improving service quality to sustain our competitive power and to work with qualified business partners,
  • Encourage knowledge, training and transformation for constant development,
  • Ensuring fast communication, teamwork and innovation,
  • Providing services that comply with related standards and legal regulations,
  • Follow technological developments and support the process with innovative services and technologies,
  • Working with social responsibility awareness and to be exemplary to society with company activities,
  • Considering environmental factors in our activities and services, control environmental pollution factors, take precautions to minimise these factors and guide our employees for this purpose,
  • Minimising all risks under Occupational Health and Safety rules to prevent injuries and health problems due to our operations and to provide a healthier and safer environment for all our employees and visitors,
  • To ensure information safety of our company and our shareholders, managing the risks and to minimise infringements to ensure the maximum level of business continuity,
  • Consistent, systematic, fair, unbiased and private assessment of customer demands, complaints and recommendations under applicable laws, legislation and company policies and to offer solutions to these problems.